Dear Madam and Sir,

Let me shortly introduce myself and offer you my professional knowledge, expertise help in the Hungarian business contacts.

My name is Antal Török, I am juridical technician and patent expert, mechanical engineer, poprietor of the company FMMC Marketing & Business Center.

My company is engaged since 1991 in consulting, marketing, building of international business, export-import, investment contacts for little- and medium-sized enterprises, furthermore managing of activities related to innovation and intellectual property rights in Hungary.

On the fields of defence and managing of the intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, designs, logos) I was working 14 years in an international lawyer office in Budapest.I was employed by the Hungarian Television as patent consultant too. Actually I direct the regional consulting office for intellectual property rights of Enterprise Europe Network by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Györ-Moson-Sopron county.

As expert of justice I work for the court, police and customs in Hungary since many years.The private companies turn to me on the reason of their legal problems with each other or with any authorities. Especially in problems like the product’s or service’s counterfeit marking, copying of trademarks, patents, designs, unfair behavior on the market (in opposition to the competition’s law).

Frequent matter is the copying of the patented or designed products or packagings, on these copied names, logos, slogans, but the concrete unlawful producing too.

These all were controlled by the authorities very strong and here in they ask for the expertise activity. Ca. weekly are my personally experiences all these problems, frequently happen seize by police or customs, furthermore there is a lot of court matters too. May times are related citizens of foreign countries, who import clothes, technical and other products to Hungary. They are particularly followed with attention of customs and police. Many matters are for the court, the imported products was all confiscated in the shops or warehouses.

Lot of peoples do not know: if you want to distribute something in Hungary, than it should be controlled rapidly the form of the product, the names showed on this according to a photo in advance, because if they have valid defence, a lawful holder in Hungary, than your distribution can follow considerable sequences. These action can be „honoured” according to the law, over the seizing involve money penalty and imprison too.

In connection with all above-mentioned, I offer to you and to all of your partners, to traders my free-of-charge consultation service related to intellectual property rights.

Naturally my concrete expert activity too, because I had more matters, where I founded the foreign trader absolutely not guilty.

I am ready to send you more information and FAQ in these themes, if you are interested in our co-operation.

I look forward to your kindly answer as soon as possible, I am at your serve for any questions or matters.

Your faithfully,

Török Antal
Managing director
Juristical expert for IPR


Mr. Antal Török

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